Team Building Course

Gift of Confidence Team Building Course for Businesses!

The course covers a number of activities that retain an element of fun, but which are also capable of effectively developing team skills and ensure that team members have a wider appreciation of group dynamics, improve communication and team building skills so that the team can be more effective and maximise the potential of each other and work towards the belief that “Together we can”

Each team member is unique and special bringing to their organisation special qualities and talents which when tapped into will bring out the best in them. Every team member should have an understanding of the purpose and vision of the team and the role each member plays for the team to be effective.

The session will help:
•To Boost staff morale
•To Motivate and inspire the team
•Team members to get to know each other better
•To raise awareness of each other’s roles and responsibilities
•To integrate experienced and new team members

Fun Interactive activities include:
•Show and Tell – The aim is to get to know each other
•Listen to me – The aims is to empower members to listen effectively
•How well do you know me – The aim is to understand each other
•What’s in your box – The aims of this activity is to understand how we interpret things differently
•TGROW – The aim is to effectively problem solve in a team
•The ”T-Factor – The aim is to bring out the best of each team


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