Something for the weekend #Gravesend #Kent

I am so looking forward to a fantastic weekend in Gravesend kent, come on and be part of it!

Because you are a mother! #Mothersday

I woke up this morning, and took time to write down a few thoughts about being a mother.

4 places to find Mr Single over 40 after 7pm on #ValentinesDay

I am prompted to write this blog as my friend the other day was a bit fed up with being single and wanted help to know where men over 40 go. I did a bit of reaseach and this is what I came up with.


Single Man at the Local Supermarket

Look around the supermarket and Mr Single can be seen buying a meal for one and a bottle of wine anytime after 8pm


Single Man at the GYM

Mr single goes to the GYM about 8pm and stays their for about two hours so that he can be so exhausted, and can go straight to sleep when he gets home.


Single man at the DIY Store

Mr single is using this day to do some DIY, so he will be in the DIY store from about 6pm getting the stuff he thinks he needs, just to keep his mind of things.



My Single is looking smart and smelling of after  shave and goes to the pub with his single friend gain at about 8pm  hoping that  by chance Ms Single will be their with her single friends!


Please feel free to share your owb tips and if you do meet someone, let me know!

Don’t chase the wrong love, love will find you way when you least expect it!


Start your day with positve vibes #HappinessSpreader




Get a copy of my Self help book Crown of Smiles – with tips to make you feel good and help you to live a happier and contented life.

Crown of Smiles

Celebrate International Fun at work day – 27th January #FunAtWorkDay

Fun At Work Day is all about enjoying yourself; dress up silly, partake in office-based mischief, or just crank the music up loud while you work!

Take a 15 minutes break from your work and during that time you can do:-

One Minute Smilence – This is where you think happy thoughts whilst smiling for a minute

Gratitude – Write down all the positive things having a job allows you to do.

Thankful –  Write down all the things that your are thankful for in your life

Escape to Happiness Island – This is where you can spend 5 minutes just day dreaming that you are in a happy Island and you are experiencing all the things you have every wanted to.

Positive Affirmations – Get different coloured paper and write some positive affirmations which you can put in a small box, and refer to them at regular times to motivate and inspire you

Have fun and book me Confident Queen to bring some good vibes to your office¬with her popular Happiness Lunch Hour at work.  If I can make Simon Cowell on BGT smile, then I am sure I can do the same with your team!


Happy Hat Day – My selction of hats #HatDay #LoveHats



History of Hat Day
Hats have been in the world since at least 3000 BC, as an image of a man wearing a hat of straw was discovered in a mural from that time. Since then, hats have served some incredibly diverse purposes, from simple protective wear to help those stuck out in the rain, cold, or hot sun, to indicating status and rank. Who doesn’t recognize a crown as the ultimate mark of royalty? Hats have undergone an immense amount of changes, with varieties appearing all over the world in every possible culture.

Whether for the soldier protecting his skull from incoming damage, the lieutenant making sure that his troops know where to look for direction, or the dapper gentleman in the Top Hat on his way to the opera, everyone has a love and use for hats. Hat Day is the best time for you to break out your favorite headwear, and use them to make a huge impression.


I can play football again #disabledfootball


My next children;s book   is about a boy who was a very keen football player since he was 3 years olad, but at the age of 7 he was involved in a car accident which crished his leg.  As a result the leg hadto be amputated which left him feeling very sad as he felt he could never play football again.

His hope to play football again was restored by his friend whi helped him to regain his confidence  with the help of  the ” I  Can box”  given to his brother by Confident Queen – who is the Queen of teaching people how to be more confident.


Some of the    proceeds of the book    will go towards supporting  the Confident Children Holiday Acivity Club in Gravesend and the work of Melqosh Mission in Sierra Leone working with disabled children and families.

BOOK LAUNCH    Friday 17th February 2017 – More information to follow

BOOK  PUBLISHERS – Mindset Makeover Mission Kent

Myprevious children’s book


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