Smile even when someone does not smile back! #WorldSmileDAY

World Smile Day  is the First Friday of October each year and was created by Harvey Ball a commercial artist from Worcester, Massachusetts who created the smiley face in 1963. It is a day devoted to smiles and kind acts throughout the world.

 Smile even when someone does not smile back!

Yesterday I went to a very uplifting event in London, and everyone looked happy and smiling, except one lady who just looked miserable. I made eye contact with her a few times, and she just seemed to stare at me as if to say “ oh for goodness sake stop smiling”. This really did bother me.

Think about it – Do you always smile back at people? If you don’t, then think about it. Chances are you’re thinking about something else, or are distracted or don’t even see them. Same with other people. Remember that most people are friendly by nature, but right at that moment when you smile at someone, you never know what’s really going on in their heads, so don’t think or worry about it.

Continue to smile, continue to say hello, and when someone does not respond in kind, go on and share the smile with someone else.

Go out and share a smile

In this world where there are a lot of people suffering, lonely, living on the edge, frustrated and having no purpose, the least we can do is to share a smile – smiling is contagious and when you share it with someone it can change their mood.








Finding Inner Peace

Finding Inner Peace

Inner peace is where you have a sense of harmony, emotional well-being and fulfilment in your life despite any challenges you may be going through (money, relationships, loss, etc). You can achieve inner peace by practising acceptance of yourself and the world around you, engaging in things like prayer, mindfulness, and meditation.

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Accepting Your self

Acceptance of yourself is crucial to the promotion of inner peace because it enables us to be okay with what is currently happening no matter what the circumstances. One way to practice acceptance of your life is to be grateful for what you have instead of focusing on what you do not have



Give up control over things you can’t change

We cannot control what others think, feel, or do so try to focus on what you can change.


Focus on right now through mindfulness

Mindfulness can help increase inner peace. Mindfulness is being aware of the current moment, the here and now, instead of thinking about the future or the past. Thinking of the past may lead to depressed mood or regrets, and thinking about the future can increase anxiety and worry. Being completely present in the current moment can increase your feelings of contentment.

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Most people in times of crisis tend to pray sometime in panic or utter desperation. Prayer for inner peace for me helps to calm my mind, gives me  clarity, and inner peace. At times, when I feel so stressed and not know what to do I just say “ Oh God help me and give me the strength and wisdom to go through this”

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Meditation is the art of finding peace and happiness within by using simple methods of calming and stabilising our minds. Modern life can be stressful and busy. Most of the time we are carried along by the force of emotions, habits and conditioning and end up feeling tired and stressed by everyday life. Practicing meditation can change this. Meditation can help bring about a natural sense of peace and well-being that can extend to every aspect of our lives. People who meditate regularly tend to sleep better, handle the ups and downs of daily life with more clarity and ease and relate to others with more compassion and warmth.

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Over to you now.

Today take time to  either pray, meditate and practise mindfulness to help you have inner peace. The more peaceful you are, you will be able to smile more and also share your smile with others.


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Read a book day #CrownOfSmiles #ICanBlowUpABalloon


On this  Read a Book Day, it’s not compulsory to read a whole book but the day serves as inspiration to people to read a section of a book they particularly enjoyed, to read with children, to donate a book to a children’s school library, or to host a book reading party.



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Crown of Smiles

Start your day fuelled with good vibes!



We all need to be mindful of all the bad news we wake up to each day all around us and try not to let in get us down to such an extent that we live in a world of fear, anxiety and stress.

It all starts by having the determination that we are going to choose to be happier by accepting  that when things happen beyond our control we can in time, choose to accept, adapt, ask for help so that we can start to rebuild our lives.


Start your day fuelled with good vibes!

When you wake up in the morning, stay in bed for a few minutes and slowly breath in and out for a few minutes. Listen to the early morning sounds around you. Then say    “Thank God it’s  Monday, I am going to make the most of the day by being happy, positive and sharing a smile with others”



Get up and walk around your home and  start saying out loud all the things you are grateful for. For example be grateful for all you have, life, family, roof over your head, electric, heating, food, etc



Stand still – Think happy thoughts whilst smiling for a minute (One Minute Smilence)



Sing – Wake up and feel happy boom boom, I feel like dancing around boom boom boom ( now start dancing like no one’s watching)


Stand in front of a mirror— Make some funny faces and Laugh till you can’t laugh any more!!



As you go out, be prepared to share  your smiles with as many people as you can.


My self help book Crown of Smiles

If you want to continue your journey on making July a happier month, then why not get a copy of my book “Crown of Smiles” practical tips and tasks for you to complete which will help you have every day good vibes and many reasons to smile.


My book promotions in pictures #CrownofSmiles

I had a great day promoting and signing my book thanks to Rethink Gravesend , The Grand Healthy Living Centre, and everyone who purchased a copy of my book Crown of Smiles  – practical self help book to help you regain your smile.

How to celebrate Smile Power Day #SmilePowerDay


Smile Power Day

Nobody knows who came up with the idea of dedicating a whole 24 hours to the involuntary contraction of the zygomatic major muscle, but one thing is certain: we’re the only creatures on the planet that can do it. Whether fate smiled upon you or not, you can always find a good reason to smile. So grin from ear to ear, look on the bright side and smile your troubles away, just like the great Dr. Seuss suggested: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”  (Read more )


Share a Smile with someone else


Do the one minute smilence and celebrate Smile Power Day


Put on your Crown of Smiles and celebrate Smile Power Day

Crown of Smiles image

I created the idea of Crown of Smiles as a way of helping me each day to take time out to chill out and smile! I also wrote the book Crown of Smiles, having recovered from a period of depression, sadness, low esteem and confidence with the help of family and friends and various organsations as a way of me helping others who may ne going through similary expenses.

How to put on your Crown of Smiles

1.   You can either make a crown of smiles, or you could just imagine you have an invisible Crown of Smiles.

2.    As you put on your Crown of Smiles on your head, imagine you have a jar of happy oil which is being poured over your head.

3.   As the oil goes through every part of your body, from the top of your head to the sole of your feet, imagine your body tingling as you experience inner joy which lightens up your face with a beautiful smile.

3.  You can mow  start to move your body doing your happy dance as you say say “WooHoo BoomBoom I feel good”.

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Put on your tiara, and celebrate your uniqueness

Today 24th of May is International Tiara Day




Tiara Day is as much about women celebrating being empowered, intelligent leaders in control of their own lives as it is about wearing tiaras. So on this tiara day May 24th put your tiara on (physical or metaphorical) and be the Queen you are!

Remember always to see yourself as Unique, Special and have the power within you to life a happy and fulfilled life. Try not to allow people make you feel inferior and don’t let one person#s negative opinion about you drag you down.

Just walk away


International Tiara Day Website


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Some of the content of my book Crown of Smile
• Coping with loneliness and Isolation
• Escape to Happiness Island to relieve stress
• Wake up early
• Happiness Activity for you to do at the end of each day
• Tips to cope with sadness
• How to be happier at work

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