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2016 Use laughter, humour and play to transform your personal and work life



Why play is important to us all (Lauren Laverne)

“We’re all convinced we’re too busy to do it, and that’s no accident. Our culture values busyness – it is how we measure goodness. Play is indispensable to human progress and good for individuals. A culture that encourages it will enjoy cumulative benefits. Denmark – officially the happiest country on earth – is an example. Flexible work and affordable childcare are the norm, which means more free time. In addition, there is greater gender equality and a work-to-live culture that includes the expectation that people should pursue private interests.

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It’s good to laugh








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Recall the moments that made you Smile in 2015

Recall the moments that made you Smile in 2015

2015 has been a year when we had moments that made us cry and moments that made us smile. As we come towards the end of the year, I suggest we take time out just for a minute to recall the moments that gave us hope and made us smile. This I hope will help you to be more positive,  feel confident and have hope for a better 2016 filled with more happy moments.


What you need to do your One Minute Smilence

* A quiet place where you can sit
* A note pad or plain paper, pen and coloured pencils
* Images of people or experiences that made you smile eg holiday snaps



How to do your One Minute Smilence

1.Find a quiet place to sit and take time to slowly breathe in and out 7 times

2.Get your note pad or a plain sheet of paper and write down or draw images of people, and experiences that made you smile.

3.Set your timer for a minute

4.Now just spend a minute focussing on the things that make you smile and keep smiling for the whole minute.


5.After the minute has gone – just shout excitedly “ WooHoo BoomBoom” and go share smile with someone

Remember to take time out on a regular basis to do your One Minute Smilence

You can also take a Smilefie and post on twitter using #oneminutesmilence


Wishing you a Happy New Year and May the SMILE always be with you!


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