How to do whatever it takes to succeed!

We are all special  and  have talents, abilities and gifts that are unique and special to us individually.  The one difference that does separate the two and ultimately serves as the deciding factor is the ability to do whatever it takes.

Don’t let indecisiveness, the fear of failure and the fear of what others may think prevent you from taking action and get moving on making your dream a reality.


Belive that you are a success

See your self as a success

Act as if you are a success

Talk like a successful person

Do what successful people do( Work hard and also make time to have fun and enjoy your life)

Remember, to look in the mirror each morning and say “ I am unique, special and destined for greatness. Today I am willing to start over determined to do whatever it takes to make my dreams a reality!



How to focus on the things that really matter!

 We all have aspects of our lives that we wish were better or different in some way. By doing regular life review you will find it easier to identify areas in your life that you need to make changes to and identify the activities you should be involved in.


Before you start, make sure you have a notebook, pen and coloured markers of Red, Yellow and Gree

1. Review and write down what you want to achieve in these areas of your life. Feel free to delete and add areas you feel are more relevant and meaningful to you.


Home Environment…..Hobbies….Fun….Money….Me time


2.Make a list of all the activities that you are currently involved in


3.Answer these questions in relation to the activities that you are currently involved in to help you focus and prioritise.

  1. How is what I am doing going to helping me achieve my mission?
  2. Do I enjoy it? Some things you might just want to keep around because it’s fun. Fun is allowed!
  3. What am I gaining by doing this activity?
  4. What would I lose by not engaging in this activity?
  5. Is this activity taking other resources from me that could be useful in helping me live out my goals, spend more time with people that really matter to me and allow me to have some me time?


4.Go through the list of things you do and use the guide below to help you plan and focus on the activities that will help you achieve the things that really matter to you.


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Courses to Motivate, Inspire, Equip and Empower You!



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How to put yourself back together after falling apart.

Sometimes, you’ll be riding high on life. Everything seems perfect, and you don’t think anything can go wrong.

Until it does.

Something happens, out of nowhere. A death, a divorce, a fight, an accident. Maybe even just realizing you’ve stagnated. Whatever it is, your bubble just got popped.

Now what?

There doesn’t seem to be an instruction book on how to put yourself back together after falling apart.


How I can help you!
I’m the confidence queen and I’ve been through those same situations as you. I had to find my way back to being happy. I’m a Member of the Association of Professional Coaches and I want to share the lessons I’ve learned with you!


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Hope for a better new year! #DontGiveUp #NewYear

Life’s full of surprises – some good and some not so good. When your world has been turned upside down, it probably feels as  though there’s confusion every way you turn.   When you feel you are loosing hope, just remember there are clearer skies and brighter days after a hard rain, and this stormy weather  in your life  this year will also change in 2017.


Life hurts sometimes, but that hurt will eventually become a memory with valuable lessons learned. When you are going through difficult times, try to go with the flow, do the best you can, be patient, and believe that the sun  will shine again. Life has its seasons, but seasons change.


Life may never be the  same again. But with time and patience, you will learn to adapt and have the courage and strength to take one day at a time.


How to be happier in 2017 #HappinessCoaching


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Confidence to Achieve Success Seminar

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Amanda Stoneham  resigned from her secure job just before her 40th birthday to follow her passion to run her successful business Happy Healthier Lifestyle Int.

Dougals Ponsford -life and personal development coach who has helped numerous amounts of people to implement strategies and systems which has helped them to achieve successes in their chosen path.

Genny Jones AKA Confident Queen – Single mother of 2 who has for 13 years been running various businesses, community projects and helping others to be confident so that they two can live a happy and fulfilled life.




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