Try to live a happy life no mattter what you are going through

Everyday we wake up not knowing what the day will unfold, but yet still we must start with a positive attitude that something good is going to happen and pray for strength to cope with any challenges that may come our way.


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Simple ways to motivate yourself to get out of bed in the morning

Sometimes it’s a struggle  to get up in the morning, you feel  sluggish, frustrated and fed up with the same old boring cycle of work hard but still trying to make ends meet. You have unfilled goals and you may be even fed up with the way your life has turned out. You look around and you feel everyone else is moving on whilst you are still in a rot. Yes, it’s ok to feel like that at times, because it’s all part of life. The trick is not to let these thing weigh you down for long, if not you will end up being depressed.

So today I urge you to start of with working on changing your mindset and belief – focus on the fact that things will get better, see your life getting better and keep saying it. To get your motivation back, I suggest like me, you start your day on a positive note, by following this simple things I do, and you can amend them and decide how may minutes you want too devote to this.

Morning routine – don’t just rush out of bed in the morning


As soon as you wake up, just stay in bed do a little stretch and spend a minute enjoying the quietness of the morning and thank God you are alive to see another day.

Think of all the people and situations in your life that you are grateful for.

Be thankful for the day ahead and pray for strength to carry on your daily routine

Look at what you have to do today and visualise yourself doing them and having  good and productive day.

Write down some positive affirmations, say them out loud or even sing them out loud eg  Life is good, today is going to be good day.

Please let me know how you get on. Remberlife is what you make it, so try and make it good.


5 creative activities to make you feel good

Being involved in any form of creative activity is therapy for your mind. Whether it’s writing, baking, gardening, sewing, or playing music, a creative outlet can really improve your mental clarity and help you feel good.

The beauty of creating is that it doesn’t have to be elaborate or groundbreaking. It can be just about whatever you want.


5 things you could try

 Create your own happy place – this can be using your imagination, or creating a small area in your home where you can spend time in when things feel a bit overwhelming, just to chill and recharge. Your happy place could even be in your car with your favourite music playing.

Make your own gift of happiness box

Write a funny song and sing it out loud – even though I can’t sing, I do enjoy writing funny songs and even making funny dances and share with others.

Create a new superhero –  After recovering from a period when i felt depressed and overwhelmed with life, I created my character  Confident Queen  to help others.  I love dressing up and going out to make people smile and deliver gifts to cheer people up when they are feeling down.


Take a walk and enjoy the colours  and sounds of nature.

I do enjoy going for early morning walk near where I live as I can enjoy the sounds of he birds chirping, the river flowing and just take time to enjoy my surroundings. It realy makes me feel good and fuels me to start my day on a positve note.  I have also decided to get painting so that next  time I am out I can start painting some of the images I see.

So what things creative things are you going to be doing? Please let me know!

Learn the lessons from things which keep happening in your life.

Remember if something happens once, it may be a coincidence or insignificant. If it happens twice PAY ATTENTION and try to do something about it.

“I have a rule in my life. If something happens twice, I pay attention to it. This type of awareness has allowed me to to stay present in my life without being overwhelmed. I may not always like the situation but I do pay attention so that it does not become a mess that I can’t handle.” unknown

Stop complaining and going over your problems

For many of us, complaining is the biggest reason we continue to encounter the same problems. We talk about them too much and stay focused on the problem, not the solution. Choosing to stop complaining sounds easy in theory, but it is often a habit that needs a little thought to break. The best way to stop it is to find someone who can call us out when we are complaining. I think we will be surprised at much complaining has infiltrated our day.







How to start you day feeling confident and happy

Everyday, I have a routine which I follow to help me start my day with positivity and good vibes, and one of the things i enjoy doing is singing and dancing   to this fun song I wrote when i regained my own confidence. I hope you will join in and have fun with it – Every day I feel confdent.


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IGROOSAC – way of trying to resolve an issue you may be facing.


Whilst  doing a coaching course at the Coaching Academy, I came across the TGROW model of life coaching, and used it as a basis to create IGROOSAC as a simple tool people can use to try and resolve issues they may be facing.  I hope you can use it and let me know how you get on

A good way of thinking about the IGROOSAC Model is to think about how you’d plan a journey.


Issue – The journey you have to make using your car

Goal – You decide where you are going

Reality – What’s happening now in relation to you making the journey

Options  – Explore various routes to your destination,

Obstacles – Look at any problems you may face from each route you take

Solution – Decide the best route to take.

Action –  you commit to making the journey, and are prepared for the obstacles that you could meet on the way.

Celebrate – when you arrive at your destination.


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How to do whatever it takes to succeed!

We are all special  and  have talents, abilities and gifts that are unique and special to us individually.  The one difference that does separate the two and ultimately serves as the deciding factor is the ability to do whatever it takes.

Don’t let indecisiveness, the fear of failure and the fear of what others may think prevent you from taking action and get moving on making your dream a reality.


Belive that you are a success

See your self as a success

Act as if you are a success

Talk like a successful person

Do what successful people do( Work hard and also make time to have fun and enjoy your life)

Remember, to look in the mirror each morning and say “ I am unique, special and destined for greatness. Today I am willing to start over determined to do whatever it takes to make my dreams a reality!



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