It may not feel like you will smile again…..

Every one of us has bad days, and every one of us has good days. Both states pass and  both come again, in different ways. What makes the  diffrence in the way we react to our bad days is our attitude,

It may not feel like you will smile again, but never loose hope.

Life is a balance of light and dark, bad times and good times. Happiness comes not from being attached to the good days and dreading the bad days, but by accepting that both are a part of life. When you accept this, you are able to live from a more balanced perspective, with equanimity, enjoying the good times, learning from the hard times, and appreciating that both have an important role.

If you need help to regain your smile why not email me to buy a copy of my popular self help book – Crown of Smiles. £4.99 which has tips on how I too recovered from unhappiness, sadness, depression and low self esteem.


8th June #WooHooBoomBoomDay (International)

I am so excited, I have created my own international day  which falls on my birthday, as part of my mission to encourage us all to  take time out of our busy schedule to lighten up, have fun and share a smile with others.


Some fun things you could do

( Please feel free to let me know how you will be celebrating. You can post on twitter using  #WooHooBoomBoomDay

1.Start your day with a smile

As soon as you wake up join me and say ! I’m alive and I feel happy boomboom, I feel like laughing out loud boomboom. Now  I am laughing and feel good boomboom!

2.Do the one Minute Smilence!

3.Share a Smile

So many people are feeling lonely, and unhappy, so lets try and smile to as many people as we can today, and remember it’s ok if they don’t smile back.

4.Get or make your own WooHooBoomBoom Tshirt

5.Put on your WooHooBoomBoom fun glasses

6.Get a copy of my book – Crown of Smiles

May the Smile be with you! #WooHooBoomBoom


8th June WooHooBoomBoom Day (International)

I am so excited, I have created my own international day for every year, as part of my mission to encourage us all to have at least one reason to smile each day!! Come on friends, be part of it and let’s ‪#‎WooHooBoomBoom together. It will also be my birthday! ‪#‎woohoo!





What you can do:-

If you are around Gravesend Ken (UK) Join me for breakfast at our local Toby Carvery from 8.30am to 11.ooam breakfast is £4.99

At lunch time I shall be at the Bench Cafe situated in the Grand Gravesend Town Centre from 12.30 to 2pm and you can choose the Pay what you can menu  and help a great project

Check my events page for regular updates



  1. Take a SMILEFIE – you smiling holding your WooHoo Boom Boom sign #woohooboomboom
  2. Youtube – Make your own WooHoo Boom Boom song and dance
  3. Tshirt – Get an old Tshirt and with fabric pen, write WooHoo Boom Boom
  4. Make someone feel good – Share a smile, Share A Kind Word, so something good for someone.
  5. Take a few minutes to be grateful that you are alive – appreciate the good in your life and hope for the best


Purchase my  self help book  ” Crown of Smiles” and help me in my mission of spreading happiness and good vibes.

Crown of Smiles

Crown of  Smiles – Paper Back Version £4.99 +  postage £2,99


Crown of Smiles – Kindle Version £2.50


Thank you and may the smile be with you!



How your smiley cup can help relieve stress at work #StressAtWork


We all at times have days at work when we feel totally overwhelmed and stressed out, to the extent that you even feel guilty to have a lunch break!  Over the last few years, I  have learnt to see my smiley cup which has various items inside, which I use to relieve stress and have  instant good vibes in less than five minutes  which in turn helps me to continue with my work.



Smiley Cup – Use it to drink water which is good and refreshing for you to have regularly throughout your day.Happy Cup1Smiley sticker – To remind you to take a minute out of your day to do the one minute Smilence – this is where you think happy thoughts whilst smiling for a minute.



Bubble Wrap – Get Popping Research as show that one minute spent popping bubble wrap relieves as much stress as a half-hour massage.

02_14_12-bubble-wrap2Sweets – to remind you to treat/ reward yourself for all your hard work

hariboColoured Paper – For you to write down why you are grateful for you job because of the things it allows you to do.




The prefilled cup cost £5 each inclusive of UK postage. Please complete attach to put in your orders in any of these colours Red, Purple, Green, Red, Yellow and Blue



Stay strong, don’t give in or give up



Sitting here all alone!

Feeling down because of the pressures of life

Head bowed down feeling sad at the days wasted doing nothing and opportunities missed


Is life worth living you ask?

How much of this can I take?


You start to cry and just feel so alone!


In the midst of it all a friend phones, hears the sadness if you voice and says “ It’s ok my friend to break down and cry, remember you are not alone, we are in this together and everything will work out fine in the end,    stay strong and don’t give in or give up”





Behind my huge heart shaped glasses!


2016 Use laughter, humour and play to transform your personal and work life



Why play is important to us all (Lauren Laverne)

“We’re all convinced we’re too busy to do it, and that’s no accident. Our culture values busyness – it is how we measure goodness. Play is indispensable to human progress and good for individuals. A culture that encourages it will enjoy cumulative benefits. Denmark – officially the happiest country on earth – is an example. Flexible work and affordable childcare are the norm, which means more free time. In addition, there is greater gender equality and a work-to-live culture that includes the expectation that people should pursue private interests.

Read more here



It’s good to laugh








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