One Minute Smilence for Global Enterprise Week #GEW2016


Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s largest campaign to promote entrepreneurship. Each year, it plays a critical role in encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs to consider starting up their own business – See more at:


Take time out and do your One Minute Smilence to relieve stress and feel good.




Things you will need before you start the One Minute Smilence

You will need at least 5 minutes to do this as well as a blank paper plate or just plain paper, colouring pencils or markers. You also need something to time yourself for a minute.


Now you are ready

  1. Sit down in a quiet place and be thankful that you are alive and think of things that make you smile
  2. Get a paper plate and write down everything that makes you SMILE
  3. Use pictures and images to help with this
  4.  When you have finished, set your timer for a minute
  5. Now just spend a minute focussing on things that make you smile and keep smiling for a minute
  6. After the minute has gone – just shout excitedly “ WooHoo”
  7. You can also take a selfie and post on twitter with #gew2016 #oneminutesmilence


If you need more help be to be more happier and confident, then contact me

Twitter – @confident _queen



International Peace Day #DayOfPeace #PeaceDay


ABOUT THE DAY – click here for more information

The International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”) is observed around the world each year on 21 September. Established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution 36/37, the General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to“commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples.”


7 Days Happiness Challenge from Monday 11th July

Over the last few days, I have come accross a lot of people who are feeling very overwhelmed and fed up with their lives.  One lady said to me  recently ” It  starts when you wake up in the morning, put your TV on and all you hear is about bad things happening all over the world, I feel so frigthened at times and don’t even want to leave home at times. I feel so lonely as I live alone, and even though I have a job, I feel alone, sad and depressed in the evening at weekends as  have no one to talk to”

This really touched me, as I have been through similar situation but have now managed to find ways to cope with life and help others to find that inner peace which can then lead to outward happiness and joy!

So join me from Monday and lets try and create happy moments for ourselves and others.


No matter what you are going through give yourself permission to smile!


Are you dreading going back to work after the Christmas break?

dreadSo you have had a lovely long break  from work and now you are dreading going back to work?

Well here are some of my suggestions of what you get in the right frame of mine to get back to work and taken with you some of the Christmas happy vibes!


Start of by writing  down all the wonderful things you did  and experienced during the time you have had off.


  1.  Go to bed thinking how grateful you are to at least have a job and a salary at the end of each month.


2.   Wake up in a good mood determined to extend the Christmas spirit of happiness and good vibes to your colleagues,


3.  Before you  get to the office,  you could  buy a  box of  chocolates or  biscuits to  share with  your colleagues


4.  When you get to the office smile and wish everyone a happy new year



5.  If at any time during the day you start getting that “ I am fed up and hate my job ” feeling, stop, go out for a walk or short break and do the One Minute Smilence – this means thinking or recalling happy experiences you have had whilst smiling for a minute




I hope you have a wonderful day at work and hope that if you really hate your job, you will try and find ways to be happier at work or look for a job that would make you happier! Remember – The grass is always greener on the other side!


2016 Use laughter, humour and play to transform your personal and work life



Why play is important to us all (Lauren Laverne)

“We’re all convinced we’re too busy to do it, and that’s no accident. Our culture values busyness – it is how we measure goodness. Play is indispensable to human progress and good for individuals. A culture that encourages it will enjoy cumulative benefits. Denmark – officially the happiest country on earth – is an example. Flexible work and affordable childcare are the norm, which means more free time. In addition, there is greater gender equality and a work-to-live culture that includes the expectation that people should pursue private interests.

Read more here



It’s good to laugh








Check these sites

The Health Benefits of Humour and Laughter

Maintain A Sense of Humour to cope with life’s challenges

The Stress Management and Health Benefits of Laughter



Make a Happiness Box with things inside to boost your happiness all year!



Celebrate your unique talent day


Today is a day that we all should celebrate our talent as I feel that we are all gifted to do something.   My unique talent is creating and dressing up in fun outfits and going out to give people a reason to smile. I have been blessed with so much inner joy and I can’t keep it all to myself, I have to share it and give hope to others, as their was a time when I had no reason to smile and it was as if my sunshine had been taken away.

Being on Britain’s Got Talent in 2015 was one of my most memorable and enjoyable moments in my life as I was able to share this my talent with so many people nationally and internationally.


What is your Unique Talent?

What do you excel at? What gifts, talents or skills are uniquely yours? Take the opportunity to share your unique gifts with friends and colleagues on Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day


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