7 things you could try to feel good at work

  1. Take  a treat you can share with your colleagues
  2. Smile and say good morning to your colleagues and don’t worry if some don’t reply
  3. Before you start your work for the day just spend a few minutes breathing slowly in and out and say “ Today is another day I can accomplish all my tasks”
  4. Take time to get up and stretch at various  times of the day
  5. Offer to make drinks for your colleagues
  6. Take your lunch break away from your desk
  7. At various times of the day do your One Minute Smilence – recall happy moments in your life whilst smiling for a minute.

I hope you try some of  my suggestions, and do feel free to add yours.


So many reasons to smile!

tp//The Difference a Smile MakesThe Difference a Smile Makes – an Infographic from Junomedical

Feel good friday #gravesend #feelgoodfriday

The idea of our popular feel good sessions, is to provide a safe environment,where people can just take at least an hour of their busy schedule to relax, enjoy a light snack, meet positive minded people, engage in some craft activity, share expereinces, encourage and support each other.

We run these sessions  thelast day of each month and do ask for a £2 donation towards our Happiness Project Kent.

Feel Good Session Rotherhite

At Rotherhite community centre open day

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Feel Good Session – Sue’s English Group

Had such a lovely time celebrating a young lady Lisa’s birthday as part of my feel good session with Sue’s English Group which helps individuals to devlop their English skills, The group is self funded and members age from 25- 80.

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Feel Good Sessions

The aim of my “feel good sessions”  are to help as many people as I can to take time out of the challenges of life to just relax and focus on enjoying the present moment.

How long are the sessions?

The sessions can be for a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of three hours.

What is involved in a feel good session?

The sessions include a combination of various activities which cover basics mindfulness meditation, laughter session, singing, dancing and craft related activity plus tips on how to cope with everyday life.

Who do we run sessions for?

Our sessions are customised to the needs of each group we work with, from children’s organisations to businesses!

How much does our session costs?

The cost of the sessions vary so it’s best for you to contact us for our charges

Pictures from previous sessions

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Contact us now to book your session!