Some of my favourite hats which I decorated

I just love getting a hat and using my creativity to enhance the hats.


Stand by me

It was so emotional to hear the choir sing the song  “stand by me” – It was just so appropriate   for this lovely couple Harry and Meghan especially with all the negative stuff  that had  been going on before the wedding.

In a relationship, when two people love and care  for each other, they will stand by each other for better or for worse.

These words of the song made me think of how Meghan may have felt when she got the news that her father would not be at her wedding. and could imagine her singinging it over and over to Harry

I won’t cry, I won’t cry

No I won’t shed a tear

Just as long as you stand,

stand by me And darling,

darling stand by me Oh, stand by me Stand by me






The joy of a mother Doria Ragland #royalwedding2018

One of the most amazing moment in the royal wedding was watching the mother of the bride Doria Ragland.  She seemed to be carrying inside her  inner peace and joy. In a room filled with royalty and celebrities she .looked so humble, but like a little star she was radiating so much joy and happiness,  with a twinkle in her eyes. I guess sitting their alone, she was ok, avoiding all distractions and being in the moment enjoying  her daughter getting married.


As a single parent, I could relate, I was in tears as I looked at her  and  imagined the thoughts that where going through her head, the challenges that they must have had in life and  she sitting their wondering if she was dreaming that her wonderful child she carried for 9 months was about to marry her Prince.

What an amazing mother – Doria Ragland – Such a powerful message; standing solidly unshaken alone in an unfamiliar world, with grace, composure and absolute pride. She held her own and carried herself like a Queenl

Celebrating the royal wedding

I must say I do love weddings and  it was such fun to watch the Royal wedding at our indoor gravesend borough market organised by the lovely Sarah Cheshire.

Some oof my photos

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Thanks to Jason Arthur of Jason’s Photography Gravesend Kent UK

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Congratulations and best wishes for a happy and wonderful marriage.

Photot from BBC news



Volunteering as a cheerer with Cancer Research #London Marathon

This was my second year of cheering the runners at the London Marathon on behalf of  Cancer Research and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience yet again..

Problems getting to the cheering area

It was a bit of a marathon trying to get from Gravesend Kent to our cheering area at mile 22  in shadwell due to the fact that the trains and underground where packed as their were changes to the routes which caused some confusion for some of us. I must say despite this, most of the other passengers were friendly and in good spirits.


Our shift

On arrival at mile 22, I was quite excited to see fellow cheerers about 10 people, some of whom had been their since early morning. I quickly introduced myself and put on the Cancer Research T-shirt and got my cheering instruments.

Cheering people on

I  must say our team of cheerers were very vocal, We sang songs, we called out the names of the Cancer Research runners and encouraged as many other runners as we could. This is a short video of one of the most funniest moment cheering someone dressed as a tree.

Runners appreciated us cheering

It was such a joy to see the reactions of the runners as we called out their names and encouraged them.


Some pictures I managed to take

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Thanks to all  my fellow volunteers and to Cancer Rearch for giving us the opportunity to be part of the London Marathon 2018- looking forward to 2019.

It’s good to give #HappyEaster

One of the things I love to do, is to buy a few things at special times of the year like Easter and give it to people as a free gift just because I have always had the belief that it is always good to give especially to strangers.

I developed this from an early age when I stayed with a family friend, who even though sometimes, things were tough, I always noticed she reached out to help others. I remember times when this lady pretended not to be hungry so that we could eat something.

So today,  my friends and I  had a lovely time at our local Gravesend Borough Market – Story telling, promoting our books, doing Easter Crafts and giving free mini Easter Eggs and smiles to people.  It’s amazing how many people found it hard to believe that we were giving the treats free – one lady even asked if their was an ulterior motive.

We not only  gave out gifts today, we took time out to chat to people as they walked past  wishing them Happy Easter.  Some just ignored us, some  just smiled back and some took the oppotunity to have a chat with us and no matter what response we had, it felt good.

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Art of Autism

It was such an honour  and a priviledge to attend the art of autism exhibition and enjoy the very colourful, creative  and amazing artwork of children in our local area.

“Many of the children grew in confidence during the art exhibition process and one child who had so many anxieties and would not talk actually began to speak. The mental health benefits of both creating the piece and having the piece valued in a community exhibition are huge.” – Mandy Garford Chair of the NAS Dartford & Gravesham

I was very inspired by the creativity of the young artists

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These photos taken by Jacqueline Littlewood of Gravesend and is of the art work by the adults

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Here I am with the amazing Mandy Gayfordm the Chair of the NAS Dartford & Gravesham which offers support for people with autism and their families.  I am ver inspired by the amazing work she and her family  members and team of volunteers undertake.

Check out this great blog about the exhibition –

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