Spreading smiles on #WorldSmileDay

I woke up on world smile day Friday 6th October feeling positve and in a good mood ready to spread smiles to as many people as I could.

Things I did

  1. Smiling at  everyone I met on the road  whilst walking to the bus stop

2. On the bus I announced to the driver and some of the passengers that it was World Smile Day and this started the conversation about what makes you smile. I really enjoyed this, and as i left the bus i just said in aloud voice so everyone could hear  – Have a nice day – May the smile be with you – someone replied – and always with you. This made me smile.

3.Got some  ladies on the train to help me make my world smile day banner

4.  Enjoyed a chat and a hot drink with a friend

5. Talking  to people about world smile day and pictures of people smiling in the town centre where I live. #LoveGravesend


I hope you always have a a reason to smile

Genny Jones AKA Confident Queen



How to do the One Minute Smilence for #WorldSmileDay

World Smile Day  is the First Friday of October each year and was created by Harvey Ball a commercial artist from Worcester, Massachusetts who created the smiley face in 1963. It is a day devoted to smiles and kind acts throughout the world. http://www.worldsmileday.com/index.php/article-index/item/373-about-world-smile-day


Take time out and start your day with the One Minute Smilence and feel good.

What you need to do your One Minute Smilence

* A quiet place where you can sit
* A note pad or plain paper, pen and coloured pencils
* Images of people or experiences that make you smile eg holiday snaps

How to do your One Minute Smilence

1.Find a quiet place to sit and take time to slowly breathe in and out 7 times

2.Get your note pad or a plain sheet of paper and write down or draw images of people, and experiences that make you smile.

3.Set your timer for a minute

4.Now just spend a minute focussing on the things that make you smile and keep smiling for the whole minute.




5.After the minute has gone – just shout excitedly “ WooHoo BoomBoom”

Remember to take time out on a regular basis to do your One Minute Smilence

You can also take a Smilefie and post on twitter using #oneminutesmilence


Be a world smile day ambassador #WorldSmileDay

On World Smile Day® 6th October,  the theme is “Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile!” expecially with so much negativity around at a time when some people are feeling insecure and uncertain about the future.

The story of world smile day

As is well known by now throughout the world Harvey Ball, a commercial artist from Worcester, Massachusetts created the smiley face in 1963. That image went on to become the most recognizable symbol of good will and good cheer on the planet.


Harvey Ball created the smiley face. Harvey was concerned about  that the sheer commercialization of his little symbol would strip it of its original intent and meaning. It was out of this concern that he created World Smile Day, a day devoted to the spreading of simple joy and love to everyone, regardless of race, gender, or geographic location.

Harvey sadly passed from this world in 2001, but the foundation he helped create, the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation, has carried forth his message of simple peace and love as the sponsor of World Smile Day every year. Whether you’re simply expressing a bit of silliness or doing a small act of kindness to help someone smile, World Smile Day is your opportunity to help brighten the world and make the world a better place through the simple power of the smile.


Everyone can make a difference on World Smile Day, just by being caring  and compassionate and helping those around them have the best day they  can have.





Celebrating today – Business Women’s Day

Business Women’s Day celebrates the contribution that women make in the business world and focuses on ways to give women more equality.

Why I started my business
I Started my business when I became a single parent in 2003, as I wanted the flexibility of being able to attend the events my children had in school as well as earning money.

My main challenge has been getting regular customers as well as getting customers to pay me on time. This at times has led me to major finacial challenges which included my house nearly being repossed 5 times as well as having frequent visits from the ballifs.

I felt like giving up

Their have been times when I felt like giving up as the pressure was two much, brining up two children, paying the mortage and trying to make ends meet.

How things changed for me:-
Things changed for me when I decided to meet other women and joined various networking meetings. This helped me to meet other women, learn from their experiences, support and encouragement which in the end helped me to develop my own success plan.

Changing my mindset
I wanted regular income so had to take a part time job to help, as well as apply for tax credits (UK) which helped boost my income. I also had to develop the mindset that i was offering a valuable service to my clients, and that it was ok to charge withought feeling guilty.

Awards and Nominations

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International Day of Peace

The 2017 U.N. Peace Day Theme: Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All

This theme is based on the TOGETHER global campaign that promotes respect, safety and dignity for everyone forced to flee their homes in search of a better life.TOGETHER brings together the organizations of the United Nations System, the 193 member countries of the United Nations, the private sector, civil society, academic institutions and individual citizens in a global partnership in support of diversity, non-discrimination and acceptance of refugees and migrants.

For more abut this campaign, go to: together.un.org.

Story Telling with Confident Queen #BlackHistoryMonth

Confident Queen #Storytelling news http://www.leighacademiestrust.org.uk/2016/12/02/inspirational-story-teller-genny-jones-visits-molehill-primary-academy/



Taking part in the #SmoothieChallenge

Great evening – at the launch of the #HealthyNewTowns- Ebbsfleet Garden City project! Commentary Jorga who is just so funny!

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