Why I need to get a happy bus #HappyBuskent

My dream is get the Happy Bus Kent – so that my self and team happy could go around different places in kent, delivering our happiness and wellbeing activties to help people feel good and take care of their mental wellbeing.
Our activities will inclue using arts and craft, drummming, singing,dancing and laughter yoga.
We will also deliver little bags of happiness to cheer up people who are nominated.
We also aim to collaborate with existing organisations in the area of happiness, and mental wellbeing so that we can sign post people to services available.
The happy bus will also do outreach to isolated communities as wel as taking part in major events aroumd kent where we will have our bus, and gazibo so that people can come and find out about our services as well as engage in some of the activities we put on.

I was so happy when  Jackie Lloyd who is my mentor bought  me a small toy bus which really helps me to see that my dream can true  very soon.  So if you know how I can do this, please feel free to contact me   genny @   confidentqueen. co. uk

Please also visit my facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/HappinessProjectKent/



How to prepare to give up something for Lent

How to prepare for Lent


What is lent

During the weeks leading up to Easter,  Christians prepare for it by taking their spirituality particularly seriously.  This period is called Lent.  It lasts just over six weeks. https://christianity.org.uk/index.php/a/what-is-lent.php

Lent is a season of forty days, not counting Sundays, which begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday. Lent comes from the Anglo Saxon word lencten, which means “spring.”   In Lent, many of us Christians commit to fasting and praying , as well as “giving up” certain luxuries in order to “replicate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ’s journey into the desert for 40 days.” Even if you are not a christian you can decided to use this period to give up something. The interesting fact is that most religions have  a period of fasting, praying and seeking divine guidance.


Decide if you want to “give up” something. Lent is based on sacrifice, so most of us  who believe in lent choose to stop eating a favourite food or pursuing a favourite activity. Whether you give up or start something is completely your choice, so choose wisely.


Questions to ask your self before you give something up for Lent.


  1. Is this something I like?
  2. Is this something I enjoy doing/eating?
  3. Is this something that’s important to me?
  4. Do I think this will be a challenge throughout Lent?
  5. Will I appreciate this when I can have/do it again on Easter?
  6. Am I giving this up because I have to (someone is making me), or because I want to?

How to keep going and don’t give up

  • Remember the reasons why you are giving this thing or activity up
  • Imagine how better you will feel or look when you come to the end
  • Prepare in advance how you are going to celebrate you achieving this.
  • Get yourself someone who you know will encourage and support you
  • Write down some positive encouraging affirmations that you can read out each day
  • Pray each day for strength to carry on till the end

Best wishes and do let me know how you get on.

ABC of life – very inspirational graduation speech

ABC of life – very inspirational graduation speech

A-accept the challenge
B- believe in ourselves
C- convert our thoughts into hopes
D- determination to convert our hopes into dreams
E- expect some obstacles on the way up
F- fight while being faithful and finish the course
G- get GOD on our side
H- Have a harving model of leadership
I- inspire someone else
J- take JESUS on our journey
K- keep on keeping on
L- be a leader
M- make every day count
N- never give up
O- overcome our obstacles
P- put our best foot forward
Q- quit quitting
R- run the race with pacers
S- strive on
T- trusting in the lord
U- use our talents
V- value our time
W- wait for understanding
X- X-ray our own live styles
Y- yearn to achieve all that we seek
Z- be zealous when reaching the top.

5 ways to be more confident!

As you read this, I want you to know that you already possess the Gift of Confidence within you!

Please take time to listen to my Confidence song – keep listening, learn the words and even create your own!!

If you need more help with Confidence just email me

genny @ confidentqueen.co.uk

Make the most of my free initial Confidence Booster!

Do something fun on #BlueMonday #Gravesend #Northfleet #Kent

Just because the 16th January is defined as Blue Monday, themost depressing day of the year,    you dont have to be down and blue! One of the best things you can do when the blues hit, is to hit them back with activity.  So here are 3 activities you could join if you are around  gravesend/northfleet Kent (UK)







For more details email genny@confidentqueen.co.uk .   You can just turn up on the day!

I’m not going to take it any more day!

notgoingtotakeitanymoreRight now, their might be things happening in your life which you are tolerating and all it’s doing is causing your stress and  unhappiness.  Well today is one day for you to sit around and try to  do something about it and if you can’t find someone who may have gone through similar experience and can help, support and encourage you.


Few questions that could help

What is it that you are tolerating?

How have  you tried to deal with it in the past?

Why do you think what you tried in the past did not work?

What new thing can you try to do  to change this?

Where can you get help to deal with this?

Who do you know that has gone though this same issue that may be able to help you?

How would you feel once you have sorted this out?

Hope this has  helped in some way, you deserve a good life, so go on and do what you know you have to do! Be Confident!


Please feel free to email me – genny@confidentqueen.co.uk and let me know how I could help you with this at no cost to you!




Get your feel good T-Shirt with a smile!

Brighten up those dull days by wearing your feel good T-shirt with a snile.   What we wear affects how we feel and behave.  Wearing bright colours can make you feel happier, positve and more motivated to enjoy the moment!

Cost £10+postage – send your orders to me at genny@confidentqueen.co.uk



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