Review Crown of Smiles

I am so grateful and thankful for everyone who has taking time to read and give me constroctive feedback on my book.


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“There is rational behind every section and the book flows with explanations and reasons for the little nuances and stories. The idea of writing down ideas within the book is also a nice idea.” Daphne

 “A self help book with care and feeling for the reader and good that you have acknowledged that if  some of your suggestions don’t work,  one  should seek further help from some of the organisations you have mentioned.”  Daphne
Crown of Smiles

“We at the Sangam group are fine. We wanted to let you know we really enjoyed reading your book ‘crown of smiles’. From the 12 members that attended our  session, some participated in reading the book collectively, aloud and found it very useful and interesting. We felt it holds good simple tips that can be easily used in every day life to feel more happier within ourselvesSangam Group run by Rethink (Gravesend)

“I must say I thoroughly found inspiration in your book.   An easy little book to read and very practical”  Amerdeep

“We have now had the opportunity to read through this and it is fantastic as it says it how it is – and a lot of people we feel will benefit hugely if they were to read this. You are such an admiration to many people – keep up the excellent work that you do. One of our directors, Carl also read through it and thought it was a really good read.” Tracey Chapman & Catherine Button Executive Directors (MEGAN CIC)

 “I really love the space to jot down your own thoughts and record our own ways of coping.” Sue Hart – Cas Training

 “Very useful practical little book with some good tips ” Diana

“Well – my heartfelt congratulations! I like it very much.  It’s intelligent,  practical , sincere and above all ‘happy”. Mary Cresswell-Forrester  and Giovanna Cresswell-Forrester

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