My Laughter and Well-being sessions in January

As I am excited to start the year with some laughter sessions at various venues. I hope to see you if you are near any of these areas..

I love making feel good and happy – here is the link to my nomination for the Pride of Britain Awards for spreading happiness through the happiness project I set up in 2008


My January Happy Events

8th  January 2019 – Megan CIC – Laughter Club 1pm to 2.30pm

Nucleus Arts Centre 272 High St, Chatham ME4 4BP


22nd  January 2019  AGE UK Lambeth – Laughter workshop 1.30pm to 3.30pm

Vida’s –  2B Saltoun Road, Brixton SW2 1EP

For more details contact –

Phone: 0203 1435 695 Email:


25th  January 2019– Gravesend Borough Market –  6pm to 9pm

High St, Gravesend DA11 0AZ


It’s great to help others – London Yes Group Basket Brigade 2018

London Yes Group Basket Brigade 2018

Every year thousands of volunteers come together in hundreds of locations around the world to participate in their local Basket Brigade and so provide baskets of food and household items for an estimated 4 million people annually. The YES Group London works with the Anthony Robbins Foundation every year to make this happen for the needy in London.

Why i do this each year

This is my 4th year of volunteering and each year I am happy to do my own little bit to help make a difference to others, and because at one time when things where tough for me, I too received one of these baskets.

You can still donate to this very worthy cause – making 1500 baskets which feeds up  to 6000 individuals –

Below are some images taken by myself and some friends at Bushey Academy where the event was held.



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Happy Christmas Message from me to you


My fun Gold fish naming ceremony

Here is the ceremony i put together for our fish naming ceremony/.
Welcome you all.
You are whale-come to our fish naming ceremony that you where codially invited to.  I  hope you are not shell-shocked and that you will join in and have a Fin-tastic time.
Before we start can you tuna around and smile to the person  looking at you, please don’t be shellfish, share your best fishy smile.
Genny – Ok to start, lets welcome the cod parents
Kevin, Cat and Marlene


Genny to the cod parents – you where chosen because of your love and dedication you have for the fishes and I know you will take this role seriously
Genny to the cod parents – Please answer these questions-
  1. Do you agree to take care of these fisheses?
  2. Do you agree to encourage other members of our team to also do the same?
  3. Do you agree to protect them from all fish haters – martin LOL?
Please can you now present the fishes and their names
Ros, Fingo Starr and Martin
Genny  says to everyone –  To you my colleagues, do you also agree to do your bit and take care of the well-being and safety of theses fishes?
  1. Do you promise to spend a few minutes sitting next to the fishes in a relax mode and watch them swim around?
  2. Do you agree to pretend to be a fish as you watch the fishes?
  3. Do you agree not to eat fish products near where the fishes are………
Thank you for agreeing to this.
Genny – We have now come to the end and I hope you have enjoyed this ceremony and if your think it  cod have been batter or you found  it too over-whaleming do let us know.

Photos from my book launch #ICanStillPlayFootball

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Thanks to Nicola and staff at Gravesend  Library for all th support for my book lauch, and thanks to all who made the day very special   by  buying the book and helping to raise funds for Melqosh Mission International, giving hope and a brigther future to war amputees.


Please visit their site and read about the amaing work thery are doing.

To order book email


Book costs £5.99 + £1,20 for postage UK – contact me for international postage.



Order your copy of my book – I can still play football

Thank you for supporting my book, which is my own small way of helping the work of an amazing charity who over the last ten years hasworked so hard to restore dignity and give hope to the war amputees in Sierra Leone.

IF you cannot make my book launch, I hope you can buy my book which can also be a good present for children as we approach this season of giving.

The story is about a young boy Abu who lost leg after a car crash,and he believed that he woud never be able to play football again with is friends. The book encourages children to have the I can and I will try attitude.


Football Book
Book only £5.99 GBP
Book and Donation £10.00 GBP
Book and Donation £15.00 GBP

Thanks for your support

Please check out our charity -Melqosh Mission


Some  regrets of people later in life

Over the last few weeks, I have been thinking about life and some of the setbacks and challenges I have had. I then came across this article which I have summarised below and hope you find it useful and a food for thought.


Some  regrets of people later in life

  1. Not travelling when you had the chance
  2. Staying in a bad relationship
  3. Caring too much about what other people think
  4. Being afraid to say ‘I Love You’
  5. Working too much and not having time for fun
  6. Not playing  or spending quality time with your children
  7. Not spending enough time with your parents
  8. Never taking a big risk
  9. Not quitting a terrible Job
  10. Not realizing how beautiful you are

Read more at:



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