How to find your purpose in life again

If you woke up and  feel like you’ve lost your sense of purpose in life, and that’s its too late  to rebuild and re-create your life, I encourage you to take a deep breath in and release it out.

Stand up tall – even just for a second. Know that deep within your heart you will find the willpower and tenacity to face and embrace whatever it is you’re dealing with.


If you cannot find the way out of your situation, I urge you to try some of these tips:-

  • Share what you are going through with someone else
  • Search the internet and read about people who have gone through a similar situation but have managed to overcome things.
  • Write down all you are going through, and then write down what you would like to experience in your life right now.
  • Write down all the positive things that your are grateful for in your life right now,
  • Everyday, write down one or two things that you can do to help you change your situation and then commit to take action every day.
  • Pray for strength, and courage to take one day at a time


I know for sure, you can do this, and if you need some help do email me


Be inspired to start your own business by this 13 year old entrepreneur

13-year-old Mikaila Ulmer, who turned her fear of bees into a fascination with them, and an idea to help save them: Me & the Bees lemonade, sweetened with honey instead of sugar or artificial sweetener.

She tarted her business at the age of 4 and now has her lemonade sold in 200 stores across the country,

What an inspirational 13 year old entrepreneur Saving the Bees With Her Buzzing Lemonade Business- and her advise to those wanting to start up a business is – “Be fearless, Believe in the impossible and Dream like a kid


Learn to sing my Boom Boom song #boomboomsong

I just love making up fun songs. Hope you enjoy this one. Try to sing it every morning and use it as a mood uplifter.

Here is the video of me showing you how to sing the song.




Please help to share this song and lets get as many people as we can singing and dancing to it. #boomboomsong

Confident Children after school club #northfleet #kent

“I’m a Confident child”

 Confidence course for primary aged children

Delivered by

Genny Jones Aka Confident Queen


This is a practical course which will equip and empower children with the tools and skills they need to have both inner and outer confidence which will help them in their journey through adulthood.  I will work with each  child on an area they want to be more confident as part of their confidence challenge.

The children will work towards their Bronze, Silver and Gold medals, with the option of becoming our confidence champions in the community as well as being  be role models and mentors to other children in their school and community.


The course covers:-

  1. The confidence quiz—find out how confident you are now
  2. Self confidence—tips to help build inner and outer confidence
  3. Self esteem— tips to help you believe in yourself
  4. Speak out— tips on standing up for yourself and others
  5. Say no to bullying – tips on how to cope if you are being bullied and helping others not to be bullied.
  6. Confidence challenge—  practical challenge to help build confidence
  7. Gift of confidence tool box—these have items to help maintain confidence
  8. Confidence Awards—presentation and celebrations of achievements

Next  course

Tuesdays starting from 30th October  – 3.30 to 5.30pm

Veteran’s Hall Northfleet DA11

30/10/2018 Session 1
06/11/2018 Session 2
13/11/2018 Session 3
20/11/2018 Session 4
27/11/2018 Session 5
04/12/2018 Session 6
11/12/2018 Session 7
18/12/2018 Session 8 Presentation night

Cost – Donate what you can


Other course options-

One to one from the comfort of your own home

Online course/coaching

Courses can also be run for your organisation or school


For more information email

Life is a gift never take it for granted #EnjoyYourLife

Dear friends and family, life is fragile. Let’s value, love, cherish and appreciate one another while we have the time and opportunity to do so. There comes a time in life when ALL we have is each other.

Kyrzayda Rodriguez, a popular Instagram fashion blogger from the Dominican Republic, died died few days ago after announcing her Stage 4 stomach Cancer. May re soul Rest In Perfect Peace.

Below are her words during her last days and it is very inspirational.

“I have a brand new car 🚗 parked outside that can’t do anything for me, I have all kinds of designers clothes, shoes and bags that can’t do anything for me, I have money in my account that can’t do anything for me, I have a big well furnished house that can’t do anything for me.

Look, I’m lying here in a twin size hospital bed; I can take a plane any day of the week if I like but that can’t do anything for me … So do not let anyone make you feel bad for the things you don’t have – but the things you have, be happy with those; if you have a roof over your head who cares what kind of furnitures is in it… the most important thing in life is LOVE. Lastly, make sure you enjoy the ones you love”. Kyrzayda Rodriguez RIP



Creating memories for families affected by #neuroblastoma #cancer

As one of the Patron’s of Stacey’s Smiles, I am doing my fundraising walk to help raise awareness and support the amazing work we do to promote awareness of Childhood cancer “Neuroblastoma” by creating fantastic special memories for Neuroblastoma Families.

I really love and support the parents of Stacey,  Warren and Samantha Mowle who wanted to create a fitting legacy for Stacey. By having first-hand experience of the cruelty of Neuroblastoma Cancer, the affect on Children and how the families struggle to cope with everyday life, setting the charity is helping them achieve their goal.

 I am starting my walk from London Road #Northfleet at 8am and stopping at a few places to take photos. Should be in #bluewater between 9.30 and 10am outside the food court. raising funds for @staceyssmiles #staceyssmiles #walk4smiles  check my  justgiving page  to make your donationsStacey’s Smiles



You can also visit our website

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Try the 2 glasses method to get what you want in life

Over the last couple of months i have  been reading and trying out various techniques to help me change my current situation. Today I came across this 2 glasses or cups method and decided to try it and share it with you.

If you decide to try this,  it is best to choose something that you will be very happy to live with and i guess this method will only work for us if we really truly believe it will work. Do come back and share your experiences. I will do the same.


What is the two glass method?

The 2 Glasses Method is a way to change what we are experiencing now in life, to what we really desiret to experience.


How to use the 2 glasses method

What you need;:-  Water, Two glasses , Pen and Papeer


Choose somwthing that you want to change, but one that you don’t necessarily have much influence over.

Decide clearly what the current situation is, and what the desired replacement situation you want

For examaple,  your current siuation maybe you have a negative bank account balance , Your desired replacment situation is then to have £1,000 in your bank account



  1. Fill one of the two glasses with water.
  2. On the first label, write a word that summarises the current situation, and stick it to the filled glass.
  3. On the second label, write a word that summarises the desired situation, and stick it to the empty glass.
  4. With the two glasses in front of you, pause for a moment, and contemplate how your life is currently filled with the first situation, and empty of the desired situation.
  5. Then, when you’re ready, pour the water from the first glass (the current situation) into the second glass (the desired situation), while really noticing the sounds and feeling and shifting of the water from one to the other.
  6. Sit back and see the glasses in their new state; allow yourself to take a deep breath and feel relieved.
  7. Drink the water and enjoy the satisfaction of having made the desired change.
  8. Take off the labels, put away the glasses, carry on with your life taking actions towards what you want.


Here is the video i found very useful in explaining it all.



You can read more from the original blog here

Please come back ane let me know how you get on.


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