Put on your tiara, and celebrate your uniqueness

Today 24th of May is International Tiara Day




Tiara Day is as much about women celebrating being empowered, intelligent leaders in control of their own lives as it is about wearing tiaras. So on this tiara day May 24th put your tiara on (physical or metaphorical) and be the Queen you are!

Remember always to see yourself as Unique, Special and have the power within you to life a happy and fulfilled life. Try not to allow people make you feel inferior and don’t let one person#s negative opinion about you drag you down.

Just walk away


International Tiara Day Website http://internationaltiaraday.com/


Contact me for my latest practical self help book with tips to help you regain your smile – genny@confidentqueen.co.uk



Some of the content of my book Crown of Smile http://wp.me/P1aWbA-Cv
• Coping with loneliness and Isolation
• Escape to Happiness Island to relieve stress
• Wake up early
• Happiness Activity for you to do at the end of each day
• Tips to cope with sadness
• How to be happier at work


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