Say no to bullying


Why I support the campaing to stop bullying

I can remember when as a teenager in school, I had a two girls who used to bully me and call me horrible names and made fun of the way I spoke, how I looked and where I came. I  had started the school when  was 14 years old and had just come to England to continue my education. Their were times I use to secretly cry and never told my parents and tried to deal with it in my own way and after a while I jus avoided the girls and got on with my work and made new friends.  I had the same experience when I went to college. My best friend was quite a beautiful girl, and I remember that one of the boys really liked her and because she was not interested each time he saw us together he use to call me horrible names and be just very rude. Again I just tried to ignore him, and in time he did stop. When I went to work, one of my managers was just a bully who just used to degrade me and say all things that were not necessary and seem to pick fault in all I did, and in the end I left the job as I could not cope.

I could go on and share more experiences, but my aim is to help especially children from an early age to develop skills, and tools they can use to stand up and not be bullied. I created my character  Confident Queen as the new super hero with a mission to deliver the  Gift of Confidence to as many people as I can.


A bit of the anti-bullying rap written by my son – Denzil Jones and his friend Joe Robison.

I don’t care if someone says bad things about me I am not going to fly like a bumble be, cause ………….I am happy just to be me..

You might get kicked you might get punched you’re not going to roll about in a bunch if you have belief at the end will be relief, that a bully has no power over YOU!

Don’t be scared of a bully even if they’ve got a knife or hoody just stand up strong and follow this song you can do it oh you can do it yeh


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