From being Accountant to a Happiness Spreader


Since I left school. I have always worked in the accountancy profession which I really love. My love for accountancy started in college having been encouraged and inspired by one of my tutors. It is a joy for me when a client brings a plastic bag of invoices and other documents which after a few days of sorting would end up being an excellent work of accounting art – the final accounts. A lot of my friends and colleagues do comment that I am not a typical accountant – for example I always love wearing bright colours and creating fun songs which helps me to remember various accountancy principles. Nowadays I mostly focus on 3 days training people how to install and use computerised accounts and payroll software and spend my other days, evenings and some weekends as a happiness spreader.

Happiness Spreader

Having a positive attitude to life, and having gone through some periods of anxiety, depression and stress, I decided in 2009 to really focus on helping myself and others to be happier. Since then, I have delivered a lot of free happiness activity workshops to various schools, organisations etc. The last two years, I have been focusing on being a happiness spreader and was excited as I got nominated for the Pride of Britain award in 2013 for the ITV Meridian region for my work in making people feel good and happier in themselves. I was also quite pleased to have made it to the alst 160 conetstants on Britain’s Got talent in April 2012, and I even got the judges and audience to sing “ if you are happy and you know it clap your hands”

What a Happiness Spreader does

As a happiness spreader, my mission is to equip and empower you with the tools and skills you need so that you can feel good about yourself and realise that , so that no natter what life throws at you, so long as you are alive, there is hope and a reason to smile.

I have developed various simple tools that people can use on a daily basis to help boost their happiness levels and have reasons to smile both at home and at work as the One minute Smilence, the Boom Boom Dance, and my unique “ Escape to Happiness Island” sessions as a way for people to use their imagination and create their own happy space and reduce stress.

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